Motion (I. We Live: Moving As One, II. We Burn: Boss Battle, III. We Rise: Called To The Seed, IV. We Move: Living For Peace)

by Lords of Sealand

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Movement I- We Live: Moving As One

Grasping at the light, tracing arcs across the sky
Mirroring it’s course moving as one, so still
Spreading under ground, fingers stretching out
Barriers they crumble into
Dust that’s taken in, sinking through the skin
Binding to light captured from the sun but still
Moving as one, so still
Can it, be animate

Movement II- We Burn: Boss Battle

I will show you animation if that’s what you want to see
I will show you animation shut your mouth and dance with me
Faster and faster, spinning around, gambol in the dark
Feed the friction, don’t fight the fire, ignite the spark
Sway with the breeze, fan the inferno, higher and higher
Embrace the flames, there’s no running away
from this funeral pyre
Oh, cracking and blackening skin, falling apart into cinders

Movement III- We Rise: Called to the Seed

Wash it all away in a wave of summer showers
Watch it fall from the clouds quenching the glow of smoking embers
A veil of soothing rain is all it takes
For seeds beneath these ashes will soon awaken

Movement IV- We Move: Living for Peace

We live to rest in peace
We burn to rest in peace
We move to rest in peace
We live, we freeze
We rise after we sleep
We burn and we breathe
We move to rest in peace


released April 7, 2017
Producer/Engineer: Chris Sugiura
CoEngineer: Erin Tadena



all rights reserved


Lords of Sealand San Francisco, California

Lords of Sealand are:
Jon Illum - lead vocals
Dakota Salazar - guitar
Brent Curriden - guitar
Evan Gritzon - bass
Nick Moore - Drums


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